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PlayFree Browser 4.0

Accesses and launches multiple casual games
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MyPlayCity, Inc.

Play various browser-based gaming applications available for online and offline launch in the program with access to the dedicated database. Both free-to-play and premium releases are included along with premium profile creation options for unlimited downloads.

Designed to be a reliable web browser, PlayFree Browser is supposed to offer you quicker access to a wide variety of online games. This program is based on Chromium so it is, in many ways, similar to much more popular Google Chrome.

One of the best things about PlayFree Browser is that it will run each of your tabs in a separate process, thus being much more stable and less resource consuming than some other browsers. Furthermore, if a certain tab hogs too much of your resources and brings your PC to a standstill, you will be able to shut it down, without closing all your other navigation windows.

Like most other browsers, this program also provides several advantages such as enabling you to protect your privacy with its incognito mode or providing various developer tools. Moreover, as the interface of PlayFree Browser is identical to the one of Google Chrome, you won’t have any trouble in figuring out how to operate it.

Something that I actually didn’t like about PlayFree Browser is that its “PlayFree Games” button doesn’t always load the games on the list. If this is supposed to be a focal point of the program, then I’m really having second thoughts about making it my default browser.

In my opinion, PlayFree Browser is a reliable tool that could easily serve as a regular Internet navigation solution. This application requires a bit more work, but it’s still worth trying out.

Sean O'Reilly
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Review summary


  • The program features a multi-tabbed interface
  • It helps protect your privacy with the incognito navigation feature
  • Each tab runs in a separate process


  • There are times when the "PlayFree Games" button doesn't actually display the games of the chosen category
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